About the challenge:

## Hacking is the art of reversing software coded mobile or website applications


## for security or bug fixes can be removed or destroyed depending on the risk level and css vulnerability.


## we first inspected bugs and glitches in a game these players said accounts they could steal and they could crash the website, game or servers were known to be a patch that can't be undone it is private. This is what hacking is all about. Comes in different levels white hat hacker; grey hat hacker, and black hat hacker the orders I said it in ranges from lowest difficulty to highest difficulty keeping in mind black hat hacking is dangerous and the risk is high


## challenged other hackers in cfts and did bug bounty we used burp suite to find css vulnerability and msf exploit one of kali Linux hacking tools, to discover many hacking skills and as we progress through our team members we will go through more advanced hacking techniques.





## successful hacking and high security levels, low risk level


## hacking can be done as a challenge and for experience in the cyber field we are successful in every aspect of hacking. 



## are you up for a challenge if so, please hack apkadmin, earn money tab needs to have less visitors and more profit and revenue every day change things on the site as well like background, css and display. Whoever manages to hack this website for a bug bounty will be in for a £100 prize but for security and trusted CA of the deal we must take a prepayment of £10 to be accepted into this challenge so we know who is willing to participate and we only take a small commission of this. Thanks, heads up for the challenge. I will be choosing at least 5 random people to share the prize as a thanks and 6th person will receive the full prize plus an extra £10 for prepayment given.


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Judging Criteria

  • Proof
    Must record yourself adding a PayPal button following the requirements so I can see the steps.

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